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Dehydrated Premium MD2 Pineapple 风干 MD2 凤梨 (4 x VITAMIN C Compare with Normal Pineapple)
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  • Best before: 1-2 months (sealed, before open), store well in fridge can up to 6 months
  • Storage: Recommend to put in fridge once open
  • Texture: chewy   


#4 x VITAMIN C Compare with Normal Pineapple


Do you believe choosing a healthy snack doesnt make you fat?! We are using fresh MD2 pineapples from the pineapple town which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.



MD2 Pineapple is one of the premium pineapple type. It is just like the Musang King in the pineapple world. ColorFruits dehydrated MD2 pineapple is a good choice as a healthy snack for you and your family.



No sugar added product, 100% from pure MD2 pineapple! And it can improve your metabolism!



It is also one of our best seller! Surprisingly it loved by many young adult and parent! 




The low temperature dehydration process helps to keep the nutrition in every bite. You may enjoy snacking with tons of nutrition.


Definitely no guilty found while eating our fresh dried pineapple flowers. Some cafe and bakery shop also using our MD2 Pineapple for decoration and use it as side dishes/ salad


Love your families, friends and yourself with healthier snack


life is pretty-licious with ColorFruits~





  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • No Pork No Lard
  • No preservative
  • No artificial coloring / flavoring
  • No trans fat
  • No hydrogenated oil added



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16 reviews