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[PREGNANT] Happy Pregnant Mummy (10 packs)
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  • Freshly made by orders
  • No sugar, additives and preservatives added 
  • Every slices of dried fruits undergoes 10-15 hours low temperature dehydration process to lock the nutrients
  • "BUATAN MALAYSIA" and collaboratives with local farms with myGAP certification


Pregnant mummy can't drink anything? Need to avoid alcohol, need to cut down the consumption of caffeine and soft drink. But sometime you still craving for some drink right?  


How about ColorFruits Blossom Fruit-tea special edition for pregnant mummy? It is special for pregnant mummy without any flower added, only using the pure dried fruits as ingredients and without any caffeine.



Mummy can make it as HOT FRUIT TEA to relaxing your mind and body while enjoying the nutrients and aroma smell from the fruits!  



Start to get a healthier drink during pregnancy! It is freshly made by order and all the dried fruits undergoes 10-15 hours dehydration process! Enjoy the dried fruit tea and become a HAPPY MUMMY



One box 10 packs


Flavours : Tropical Sensation x 2 , Passionate x 2 , Gentle Elegance x 2 , Brisk and Fresh x 2, Summer Snow White x 2 














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5 reviews
What's in the box

What's in the box:

1 box with 10 packs!

Flavours : Tropical Sensation X2 , Passionate X2 , Gentle Elegance X2 , Brisk and Fresh X2, Summer Snow White X2


How to store:

  • Recomends to store in fridge once received to better keep the dried fruit tea and prolong the shelf life
  • Best to use: 2 months, keep well in fridge can store up to 3 - 4 months