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Dehydrated GRADE A Red Dragon Fruits 风干火龙果 (no sugar added)
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  • Best before: 1-2 months (sealed), store well in fridge can up to 6 months
  • Storage: Recommend to put in fridge once open
  • Texture: crispy + chewy 


ColorFruits fresh dried red dragon fruit slice is tasty and nutritious treat. The dried dragon fruit slice is mildly-sweet and rich in nutrients.



Besides, dragon fruit also an excellent source of iron and vitamin C for vegans. Our dried fruits are additive free, preservative free and sugar free product. You can enjoy it without worries.



8 months baby can start to try out the dehydrated red dragon fruit and most parent feedback it is one of the best dried fruit to prevent constipation of their children.






Most parent bought it to thier children or elderly as healthy snack or healthy supplement. It is also suits with the person who want to keep fit!


Love your families, friends and yourself with healthier snack


life is pretty-licious with ColorFruits~


  • 100% Delicious
  • No sugar added 
  • Pure fruit 
  • High food technology 
  • Relieve constipation 
  • Low carb 
  • Your healthier snack








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17 reviews