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About Us

Hi! We are ColorFruits!  

We are two young aldults who saw the need for a healthy lifestyle in a world where working overtime, stress eating and young people can't live without fattening drinks has become a norm.

What we did to change this is we looked into the best healthy snacks which were fruits as they are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. BUT, due to late night schedules and general fatigue, by the time we even can't remember that we had fruits in the refrigerator, and they had already become rotten.

The alternative to this?

Dried fruits.






Healthy Living

We realized with the busy work schedule that many have, there are times where they would be too tired or just lack the time to work out or balance life and work perfectly.

With Colorfruits, it would help them to maintain a healthier lifestyle by using Colorfruits to replace flavored drinks such as bubble milk tea or soft drinks.

This can even be a snack replacement so the consumers can chew on something that is delicious yet healthy instead of having potato chips or other junk foods which are not ideal in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



We looked at how would provide ease to the consumer in terms of convenience such as being able to slip the fruits in to a bag or even have a few packets at work and at home so they would be in reach anytime the consumer wanted a snack to chew on or even to make a cup of fruit tea.



We went back to our hometow, a small pineapple town and used the famous MD2 pineapple to begin and we discovered that it tasted great even after dehydrating and from there we went on to test different types of fruits that would taste great even after dehydration.

For dehydrated fruit, we cut the fruits piece by piece and dehydrated it from 10-15 hours for every single pieces to make sure keeps the nutrients in every bite.

We beleive soft fire makes sweet malt. 



We really appreciate each of our customers from the bottom of our hearts for believing in us especially the first timers and consequently repeat customers as their purchase enabled us to keep going and know that there is a market for healthy living.


We aim to keep your life “ColorFruits”, we believe life is pretty-licious with ColorFruits.