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Customer Reviews
Wu Yeon Meng

Purchase many times before! My children really like it!

15 October 2021
June Teoh

Better than a lot in the market, this one really fresh and very good packaging, I will purchase again

15 October 2021
Lim Xuan Teng

Really fresh and nice to drink! 

15 October 2021

Use it every morning, wake up and use it mix with water to detox! 

21 July 2021

Sedapnya! suka sangat, cantik sangat! 

21 July 2021
ColorFruits is A Modern Yet Local Online Health Food Store Based in Small Pineapple Town.

The town is famous of producing pineapple (Nanas), which also our MD2 Pineapple resources from. We only select the natural and fresh fruits by our trusted farmer and supplier to ensure customer can enjoying the healthy product with peace of mind.

At the same, we hope to support and promote our local farmer and local fruits.

We aim to keep your life “ColorFruits”,
we believe Life is pretty-licious.
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